Blanket Vaccination Project 2007

Posted: 9/11/2007, 20:19

To address the large number of cases of African Horse Sickness in the George area of South Africa, a blanket vaccination project funded by The Western Cape Breeders and Racing South Africa has been implemented in the area.  Blanket vaccination projects have also been implemented in the Eastern Cape and Northern KZN.

The motivation for, structure of and outcomes of this project are presented below in various documents:

Documents attached to the Blanket Vaccination Project 2007

Overview of 2007 George Blanket Vaccination Project2440kb
Database of Horses Vaccinated - George 20072040kb
Map of All Sites Covered in George Vaccination.jpg171.28kb
Map of Sites Covered between Mossel Bay and George.jpg145.22kb
Map of Sites Covered in George Town.jpg133.32kb
Database of Horses Vaccinated - Northern KZN 2007311.2kb
Map of Sites Covered in Northern Natal.jpg157.78kb
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